10 Best WeChat Official Accounts You Should Follow

Best WeChat Official Accounts to Follow: A list of English WeChat official accounts you should follow.

WeChat (微信), with more than 700 million users today, is no doubt one of most popular social networks in China. If you have ever visited China, you know the popularity of this app: People not only use it as an IM, but also do things like making payments, reading news, buying tickets, ordering food delivery and much more.

Yes, the daily life in China is a little bit strange: You can’t visit Google, Facebook and Twitter without using a good VPN, or 翻墙软件, but you can get by without a wallet as long as you have WeChat installed on your mobile Phone!

One popular feature of WeChat is its official accounts (微信公众号), which is a way for organizations, companies and individuals to interact with their customers and followers. In one respect, WeChat official accounts are quite like blogs. Followers can read posts published by the authors and even comment on them.

If you live in China and have a WeChat account (I bet you have one), you might be looking for some good WeChat official accounts to follow. Below is a list of some of the best English WeChat official accounts in China.

1. ShamelessPlus

Best WeChat Official Accounts: ShamelessPlus ShamelessPlus is a popular English WeChat official account targeting foreigner living in China, featuring sharp and witty original contents on topics such as culture, love and sex.

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2. NiubiPanda

Best WeChat Official Accounts: NiubiBandaWeChat ID: niubipanda

NiubiPanda is an English WeChat official account featuring daily Mandarin lessons as well as China life guide with information about jobs, visas and more.

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3. ChinaWire

Best WeChat Official Accounts: ChinaWireWeChat ID: ChinaWire

ChinaWire is an English WeChat official account where you can find articles on China news, food, travel, learning Chinese and more .

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4. GuideinChina:

Best WeChat Official Accounts: GuideinChina

WeChat ID: GuideinChina

GuideinChina is an English WeChat official account featuring news and guides about China.

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5. theBeijinger

Best WeChat Official Accounts: theBeijinger

WeChat ID: theBeijinger

theBeijinger is the WeChat official account of the theBeijinger magazine, featuring events and guides on Beijing.

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6. ThatsShanghai

Best WeChat Official Accounts: ThatsShanghai

WeChat ID: Thats_Shanghai

ThatsShanghai is the WeChat official account of That’s Shanghai, a popular magazine about Shanghai. It features news, guides and events in Shanghai.

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7. iMandarin

Best WeChat Official Accounts: iMandarin

WeChat ID: imandarin

iMandarin is an English-Chinese bilingual WeChat official account featuring daily lessons on learning Mandarin.

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8. ExpatExpress

Best WeChat Official Accounts: ExpatExpress

WeChat ID: ExpatExpress

ExpatExpress is an English WeChat official account helping expats in China entering the China job market or finding good job candidates.

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9. ChCh

Best WeChat Official Accounts: ChCh

WeChat ID: China-Channel

ChCh is an English WeChat official account about … well, WeChat. If you want to learn more about using WeChat in China, you should follow this account.

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10. NetworkingMatters

Best WeChat Official Accounts: NetworkingMatters

NetworkingMatters is an English WeChat official account for anybody interested in business and startup networking events in Beijing and Shanghai. It posts events in these two cities on a regular basis.

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