China Public Holidays (2019)

2019 is here. For anybody living in China or planning to visit China, you should pay attention to the China public holidays to plan your time accordingly. In this article, we will provide a complete list of China public holidays for 2019, including dates for the 2019 Chinese New Year (Spring Festiva), 2019 Dragon Boat […]

Vaccinations For China

Do I Need Travel Vaccinations for China?

China is an attraction site for businessmen, tourists, and students. The Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 showed the world that China is prominently on the global stage. Millions of people worldwide visit China every year. It offers an unparalleled adventure in the eastern hemisphere. In China, ancient treasures are juxtaposed against modern skylines and architecture. […]

Best Places to Visit in Beijing

Best Places to Visit in Beijing

What are the best places to visit in Beijing? If you ask this question to local Beijingers, you might get many different answers. That’s probably because there’re many places in Beijing worth visiting. Which ones are the best to visit? Let’s try our best to give you our answer. About Beijing Beijing is the capital […]

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