China Public Holidays (2019)

China Public Holidays 2019

2019 is here. For anybody living in China or planning to visit China, you should pay attention to the China public holidays to plan your time accordingly. In this article, we will provide a complete list of China public holidays for 2019, including dates for the 2019 Chinese New Year (Spring Festiva), 2019 Dragon Boat Festival, 2019 Mid-Autumn Festival and more.

China Public Holidays

1. New Year’s Day: Jan 1

Dates Off: Dec 30, 2018 (Sun) to Jan 1 2019 (Tue)
Make-up Day: Dec 29 1018

There is usually a 3-day off for the New Year’s Day in China. Most stores and shops will still be open during the New Year’s Day.

China Public Holidays

2. Chinese New Year (Spring Festival): Feb 5

Dates Off: Feb 4 (Mon) to Feb 10 (Sun)
Make-up Days: Feb 2 (Sat and Feb 3 (Sun)

Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) is probably the most important traditional holiday in China. Many Chinese people travel back to their hometown before the Chinese New Year. As a result, the flight and train tickets are usually very hard to get when it’s close to the Chinese New Year and shortly before it ends. You should avoid traveling during the Chinese New Year holidays in China to avoid the crowds.

China Public Holidays

3. Qing Ming Festival (Tomb Sweeping Festival): Apr 5

Dates Off: Apr 5 (Fri) to Apr 7 (Sun)

You can enjoy a three-day long weekend starting from Friday April 5. And there is no make-up days for the Qing Ming Festival this year.

4. Labor Day: May 1

Dates Off: May 1 (Wed) to May 4 (Sat)
Make-up Days: Apr 28 (Sat) and May 5 (Sun)

For the 2019 Labor Day, you can get a 4-day long holiday from May 1 to May 4. Apr 28 and May 5 are the make-up days for this holiday and you will have to go to work on these two days.

China Public Holidays

5. Dragon Boat Festival: Jun 7

Dates Off: Jun 7 (Fri) to Jun 9 (Sun)

You can enjoy a three-day long weekend during the 2019 Dragon Boat Festival because it happens on a Friday.

China Public Holidays

6. Mid-Autumn Festival (Moon Festival): Sept 13

Dates Off: Sept 13 (Fri) to Sept 15 (Sun)

Combined with the following weekend, the 2019 Mid-Autumn Festival (Moon Festival) is also a three-day long weekend.

China Public Holidays

7. National Day: Oct 1

Dates Off: Oct 1 (Tue) to Oct 7 (Mon)
Make-up Dates: Sept 29 (Sun) and Oct 12 (Sat)

You can enjoy a 7-day long holiday during 2019’s National Day in China. There are two make-up days before and after the holiday. Many people in China will travel during this long holiday. To avoid the crowds, you might want to plan ahead and avoid visiting very popular places during National Day holiday.

Information and Image Source:

The China public holiday info and calendar images were take from the official website of the Chinese government.

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