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Doing Business in China: Understanding Guanxi

Doing Business in China: Understanding Guanxi

For those wishing to outsource manufacturing, there are few places that can compete with China’s massive workforce and low labor costs. When one first arrives in a Chinese city such as Beijing or Shanghai, it is easy to mistakenly believe that business will be conducted the same way it is in London or New York […]

Best Places to Visit in Beijing

Best Places to Visit in Beijing

What are the best places to visit in Beijing? If you ask this question to local Beijingers, you might get many different answers. That’s probably because there’re many places in Beijing worth visiting. Which ones are the best to visit? Let’s try our best to give you our answer. About Beijing Beijing is the capital […]


Yuanfen: What It Really Means

Yuanfen (缘分) is a Chinese word you might encounter in everyday conversations. However, the real meaning of Yuanfen is not that easy to be explained or translated directly. The word Yuanfen has been translated into many different English words, including fate, predestination, luck and serendipity etc. But none of these words matches exactly the real […]

China Outsourcing

10 Things You Need to Know About China Outsourcing

  In today’s business world, outsourcing has gone mainstream and China has become a popular country for outsourcing. As a matter of fact, China’s outsourcing market is growing 30% each year and manufacturing in China has created huge opportunities for new products as well as innovations. The main benefit of China outsourcing is that it allows […]

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